Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, and SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY
August 5 and 6
Athens, GA
Oconee Veterans Park

**Sanctioned –  16 Men’s Teams – $325**

Bid Form.
(Teams who submit bids will be notified of acceptance via email)

Team List as of June 8. (Confirmed/Paid, Bid Accepted, Interested)

  • Omen (Orlando, FL)
  • HoG (Macon, GA)
  • Trailer Park (Austin, TX)
  • Bullet (Atlanta, GA)
  • BaNC (Charlotte, NC)
  • Coastal Empire (Savannah, GA)
  • Hammerhead (Jacksonville, FL)
  • Voodoo (Knoxville, TN)
  • Cerberus (Athens, GA)
  • Black Lung (Lexington, KY)

August 2017–The stoniest, coldest hombres descend upon Athens, GA to brawl it out in the heat of the summer, but only one team leaves with the TRESTLEMANIA CHAMPIONSHIP BELT*. Do you smell what we’re cooking?

(*We mean the belt part literally.)

The benefits are many and varied, and they include:

  • Sanctioned!
  • A lovely party in downtown Athens, with plenty of stone-cold beer.
  • Beautiful, lined fields.
  • Certified trainers on-site.
  • A wonderfully-bedazzled championship belt for the winning team.
  • A dedicated, loving TD, who is sensitive to all of your teams’ needs.
  • Friendliness
  • Spandex (Because you have to give the people what they want.)

Any questions? Hit us up at


Igniting Athens Ultimate

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