About Us

Good Look Ultimate, Inc. is comprised of Mikey and E$. These two scallawags first met playing Jojah’s Fall League in 2006. With their powers combined, they are Good Look Ultimate – united to strengthen the Athens ultimate community.

Edward “E$” Stephens

E$HogDawgDaze13CropAs dictated by E$ himself:
When I was 26, I stopped wearing glasses to play ultimate. My career since then has felt more like the lost second half of a Robert Frost poem than two years of a human life time. Please cut deep for me (because I’m throwing it anyways). The end.

Mikey Salter

Mikey Profile

Mikey has been playing ultimate for more than nine years. He began in high school, then played for the University of Georgia’s D and B teams. While captaining UGA’s Chillydawgs, he organized their annual tournament, the Chilly Dawg Classic.  Outside of Ultimate he enjoys board games, goat herding, and cooking.



Ike is Mikey’s puppy. He has a deep obsession with discs of all types, but the disc he likes most is a 175g Ultrastar. This is both good and bad. He will eventually be herding Mikey’s goats.


Igniting Athens Ultimate